Monday, 17 June 2013

Many of you will already know about the beta test for Malifaux's second edition but for those who haven't heard about it yet here is what Wyrd Miniatures have to say...

The goal of Malifaux second edition is to create a more streamlined game which retains all of the feel and flavor of Malifaux. We wish to address various balance issues and clarify a number of rules issues. Ultimately, some rules/models will have received a major revision, where others will just be minor tweaks, but at the end of the day it will still be Malifaux.

The rules/models have all been thoroughly playtested and looked at both in house and externally. At this point, we are not going to make any major overhauls to the core mechanics, however tweaks are acceptable. So, for example, if you want to get rid of the entire soulstone system and go with something else, that is not feedback we can use. But, if you feel the starting soulstone pool should be increased/decreased, that could be very helpful. The goal of the open beta is to put the finishing touches on this game: adjust model costs, rewrite a few abilities, change an upgrade here and there, make sure any schemes are not too easy/hard, etc.

The Core Rules have seen the most testing and are the closest to being finished, followed by model stat cards, and then finally upgrade cards.

Updates and Deadlines

You guys will be getting updated versions of the rules every Thursday late in the day. A word document which lists any changes from the previous week will be included. The models we will be testing will be the Book 1 Masters/models with a few adjustments here and there (for example, more models needed to be added for the Ten Thunders and new Gremlin faction). This playtest will run approximately 6 weeks. However, it may be shorter or longer at Wyrd's discretion. 

Starting in late September/early October we will be starting Beta Wave 2, which will include all of the models not seen here. 

Rules Questions/Clarity Issues/Typos Threads

In each forum I have included one thread for rules questions, one for clarity issues, and one for typos. 

The thread for typos is fairly straightforward: note any typos you find in these threads. Please do not have discussions in the typos threads, that will make it more difficult for us to find the actual issues. We have also laid out a format for notifying us of typos, if you do not follow it, we will ignore your post.

The clarity issues threads are for posting clarity issues. Please do not have discussions in these threads as it will make it harder for us to find the actual issues. The clarity issues thread is not for posting about rules you do not like or which you do not find fluffy, they are only for genuinely confusing rules. Before posting in the clarity issues thread, please post the question in the rules question thread to see if someone can answer it.

The rules questions threads are open to everyone and I encourage you to discuss things with each other here. Myself and Mack will not necessarily read every post in these threads. These threads are a place for you to ask your fellow playtesters if they know the answer to a rules question.

Blank Space

There are some blank spaces (even blank pages) in the rulebook. These are place holders and will be filled with fluff and/or art before going to print.

Interacting with the DevsWe will be paying very close attention to this forum, however it is very unlikely that you will see us answering any rules questions. We are far more likely to simply rewrite the rule so that it is more clear and release it on the next update. We do it this way because, if we simply answer your question, you know the answer, and you won't feel the need to bring the question up again; even if our rewrite was not any good. This also goes for questions about how we "intended" a rule/model to work. Ultimately, people will get these rules without ever knowing (or caring) how we intended them to work, so we want this playtest to be as close to real life as possible.

All that said, please feel free to answer each other's rules questions. This can be very helpful.

Have fun!

HERE is a link to the Malifaux forum where you can download the beta rules.

Wyrd are also releasing new plastic starter sets for all the original masters and as you can see from the art work of the new Rasputina they promise to be exceptional. Some of your favorite minions are also getting upgraded to henchmen including the only man to make high heels look good, Samael Hopkins!
I will be playing some games of the new beta rules soon so expect to see a mini battle report soon...

See ya.


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