Saturday, 23 March 2013

Having been playing WARPATH for a while now I have started to want some of the more exotic units to place on the table top battle field. So far Mantic have yet to release many of the vehicles and elite troops of the various factions so the only option left to me is to seek out models from other sources that will fit in in the WARPATH universe!
Lets take a look at one of the on-line stores I discovered and its many hidden treasures...

Scotia Grendel Productions do a great range of 28mm sci-fi models that work perfectly for WARPATH. Many of these models come from an old game known as Void 1.1 that was produced by I-kore who sold the game to Urban Mammoth. I haven't seen these models on sale anywhere for over a decade so was presently  surprised to see such an extensive collection for sale. There are suitable models for everything in the WARPATH Corporation army list...

Corporation field artillery?
Corporation Striders with a robotic twist?
Alternate Enforcers?

But its not just the Corporation that can pick up some new recruits from this web store. I found an interesting substitute for the Forge Father's Iron Ancestor in the fantasy 28mm range and a possible Light Drakkar in the sci-fi 28mm range...

Angry Ancestor?
Possible Light Drakkar?

When I was in college I saw the Koralon army for Void 1.1 and instantly wanted it but never had the disposable income to do so. Since that time Urban Mammoth gave the Koralon a face lift but it wasnt to my taste. 
Now that I have found a web store that sell the classic Koralon hybrid models I can have the army of my childhood dreams! 
I wont show you what im doing with them yet, you will have to wait for our WARPATH showcase (hint, hint).

Looks like he needs a hug.

 I purchased a second hand Tiger apc at a games show earlier in the year. Sadly the person selling it had misplaced one of the feet (still, cant complain for £5). I tried to replace the missing foot but my poor attempt just didn't do the model justice. However, My Tiger apc was saved from the bitz box when the kind people at Scotia Grendel sent me a replacement foot with my last on-line order! Thanks guys.

My poor Tiger before it was gifted a new foot by the good people at Scotia Grendel!

There are many other things to find on this site such as Historical, fantasy and 6mm sci-fi ranges along with a large selection of scenics. So no matter what games you play you are likely to find something on this site that you just have to have! But don't just take my word for it, have a look HERE!

See ya...

Photos used with the permission of Scotia Grendel Publications.


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